3 kg Tapioca Pearls

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Uncooked Tapioca pearls
3kg can make 60 drinks

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A bubble tea drink isn’t authentic until you include the tapioca pearls inside, so you can experience the ‘drink you can eat’ and chew! Sweeten your bobas with brown sugar, black sugar, honey, or fructose, and enhance your drinks.

* Soft and chewy (after cooking), each ball measures 8.5mm in diameter. Enlarges slightly after cooking.

* Each bag makes approximately 60 servings (50 g per serving)

* Suggested Serving Size: 50 g for 500ml beverages.

* Best to consume within 48 hours after the opening of the bag, or reseal in an airtight environment.

Drink your pearls with our large 12 mm boba straws. Scoop your tapioca with our special wired boba scoop and serve them easily!